PT. TULUS TRI TUNGGAL is one of the biggest wooden door manufacturers in Indonesia. We have 30 years of experience in producing export quality Wooden Doors for domestic markets as well as overseas markets with destination to Korea, USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, England, Slovakia, Russian, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

Tulus Tri Tunggal believe in preserving the Indonesian forest resources. Thus, all of our wooden products (doors, frames) are produced using engineering method. Engineered door enables us to minimize the use of wood from expensive, rare and slow growing tropical trees and maximizes the use of fast growing and easily available wood species, along with MDF (Medium Density Fiber board) and PB (Particle Board).

With three decades of extensive production experience and research in door manufacturing, has led us to the path of excellence in craftsmanship, product quality and durability. All of our products are made from properly seasoned wood (Kiln Dried) with moisture content (MC) level of 8 – 10 % (10 – 12 % Finished Product) to ensure the wood stability under extreme weather conditions. We are supported with up-to-date production facilities and wood working machineries which result in consistent and high quality wooden products. We have our own sawmill, Kiln drier, wood veneer slicer, hot and membrane press machines, cnc router, high frequency laminating and finishing line machineries. Every month we are able to produce about 18,000 units of doors made of nyatoh, meranti, red and white oak, maple, among others. Our supply chain of local raw material we have collection centers and branches in Sulawesi and Kalimantan to get the best grade timber right at the source. We also obtain partial wood supplies from Java and even overseas for foreign wood species.

PT. TULUS TRI TUNGGAL's wooden product division has a range of products that we export to various countries around the world and also distributed in the local Indonesian market under the TULUS DOOR brand . TULUS DOOR  are now a dominant industry leader, our products are used in thousands of homes and hundreds of hotels, apartments and housing estate across Indonesia. A testament to the quality of our product in Indonesia, TULUS DOOR is marketed with  up to 3 year warranty to prove our commitment. Our main products are engineered interior doors, panel doors, flush doors, door casing, among others.

PT. TULUS AGRO is an integrated coconut processing company, a sister company of Tulus Group, established since 2002. Our product ranges such as frozen coconut meat, coconut water, coconut fiber, cocopeat and coconut shell charcoal.

Indonesia has the largest coconut plantations in the world in account to about 31.2% from total coconut plantations in the world. Therefore Indonesia has the largest potential resources to supply coconut product to the world's market. It is only recently has modern medical science unlocked the secrets to coconut's amazing health benefits. Therefore, there is an increase global demand of coconut products for example coconut water and coconut oil which not only valued as food but possess healing properties.

PT. Tulus Agro believe in sustainable products, which provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting environment over their whole life cycle. We have missions such as follow :

  1. To increase value of coconut related products in one-stop processing center all across Indonesia.
  2. Income elevations of Indonesian's coconut farmer by increasing of value of coconut through integrated coconut processing.
  3. To encourage farmers to establish replantation program of coconut tree to ensure future supply of coconut.
  4. To create and develop mixed crop plantation practice within coconut plantation such as cocoa tree is mixed crop under coconut tree.




Copra trading started


Rattan business started


First export


Company formally established


First local distribution center & veneer tape production


Furniture manufacturing, new factory compound, rattan furniture export


Door manufacturing & wood working, door export


Real estate business established


Commercial estate bussiness started.


Coconut bussiness established.


First export for coconut product.


Head office & factory expansive and relocation.


First highrise project in Indonesia supplied by Tulus Door.


Attained SVLK Certification.