"Tulus" in the Indonesian language, holds the meaning "sincere". That very meaning forms the foundation from which all companies under Tulus Group do business. Accordingly, with that attitude in mind, we define our vision to be Serving with Sincerity, not only to our customers but also to our employees and suppliers as well. Our mission is to perpetually create and attain better Product Quality, Lower Cost and maintain while continuing to improve Excellent Service to our customers. We also instilled a company culture that will prove to be the support required to realize our vision and missions. This culture is represented with 10 main points that every single person in the company has to strictly adhere.


"Tulus Tri Tunggal" which in English literal meaning "the unity of three". Our logo, TTT inscribed within the circle,  in this case, the three parties meant are the shareholders, employees and the society as a whole, including our customers and suppliers. This symbol is formed under the thinking that the interests of all three parties have to be fulfilled in order to keep balance in the company and thus ensuring the survival of the company.


In line with our business which involves in using raw materials as natural resources, we believe in conserving and preserving our ecosystem. We use plantation wood, the fast growing wood species for our door product which is economical as well as contribute a sustainable logging practices. Our integrated coconut processing  will help 20 millions of coconut farmers to alleviate their incomes as well as preserving their coconut plantations.


In the age of global competition, Tulus Group will continue to strive for excellence, deliver satisfaction to our stakeholder as well as contribute useful value to society,  anticipate in the challenge of great prospects ahead.  Finally, all of us in Tulus Group look forward to your support in the future.



January 2015



Agus Angkriwan

President & CEO

PT Tulus Tri Tunggal